46 Underground PVD hosts monthly house shows of local and regional artists. Check back frequently as we update our schedule!


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2018: Joanne Lurgio

Joanne Lurgio is known for writing, as one reviewer put it, “songs of life, love and simply being during our ever-changing lives that are bound to make you ask, ‘Is she talking about me?’” She has shared stages with artists including Amy Helm, Vance Gilbert, Cheryl Wheeler, Jon Vezner, and Don White, and is currently working on her fourth album. As the host of Acoustic Open Mic at Pub on Park, Joanne spends every Tuesday night promoting feature acts and supporting current and emerging artists looking to display their established or budding talents, and now we’re looking forward to a night at 46 Underground where a quiet listening room and full evening can truly showcase the upbeat combination of folk, bluegrass, blues, and more in Joanne’s music.


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2018: Cardboard Ox

Tracie Potochnik & Steve Allain comprise our favorite Rhode Island duo, Cardboard Ox. We love catching these funny, talented performers all over New England, from the legendary stage of Club Passim to their annual hosting on the main stage of the Providence Folk Festival. They’ve shared bills with some of our favorite acts, from Cheryl Wheeler to Mark Douglas Berardo with John Juxo, but we love seeing them by themselves,where their amazing songwriting and their sweet harmonies capture ears and hearts. Catch a special Cardboard Ox house show at 46 Underground!


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2018: Mike Laureanno & Mary Ann Rossoni

PictureMike Laureanno hails from Fall River, MA, an old mill-town infamous for its axe-wielding resident Lizzie Borden and famous for its chow mein sandwiches and pork pies. Mike is proud of his roots, and many of his songs deal with his gritty blue-collar hometown and the lives of his family and friends. A veteran sideman, Mike served twelve years as the bass player for the legendary NYC Fast Folk founder, Jack Hardy.​Mike has released three albums to date: Pushing Back Wintertime (2013), Road Signs (2015) and Tightrope (2017)



Former half of the popular duo Fuzek Rossoni (with 46 Underground veteran performer John Fuzek) and later teaming up with Jack Gauthier, Joe Potenza, Dan Hann, Paul Dube and Betsy Dake in her band The Rossonians, Mary Ann Rossoni has shared bills with the likes of River Phoenix, The Marshall Tucker Band, Jack Hardy and Kristina Olson. After years of touring nationally, Mary Ann returned to her roots with the recent release of Edentown, coming full-circle to perform regionally and mostly solo acoustic. Mary Ann remains very active in the songwriting process, serving as a two-time chair and founding member of the Rhode Island Songwriters Association.




The Swampbirds – We can’t wait to host our talented friends the SwampBirds at 46 Underground! But how to describe them? Kind of folk, kind of alternative, and the only band we know who can turn poems by folks like T.S. Eliot into lyrical songs. Come and see the delightful mix of revelry brought by these songbirds!



Allysen Callery – Easily one of our favorite performers, catch Allysen’s beautiful ethereal voice and lovely fingerpicking, which reviewers have labeled “ghost folk” while calling Allysen “quiet music for a loud world.” Bonus: she’ll be joined by her up-and-coming daughter Ava!



Su Casa – You can’t say Su Casa isn’t versatile; we’ve seen them range from a rockin’ quartet to a stripped-down acoustic duo, and band leader Ian describes them as “kind of an indie folk rock/country singer/songwriter sound,” if that helps pin things down. Whatever way they play, we like Su Casa, and we think you will, too!




Andy & Judy – Catch this traditional folk duo – and some spontaneously fun sing-a-long moments – at 46 Underground in 2019! These touring musicians who wander all over New England and beyond also host house concerts in Massachusetts, so they have a real feel for an intimate evening of music. Bonus: our debut 46 Underground PVD performer Ric Allendorf illustrated the cover for their upcoming (October 2018 release) album, Reflections.



Dave Schneider –  We don’t host only folk music at 46 Underground! Come enjoy this composer and performer of Latin jazz and Flamenco music, who also plays both guitar and mandolin for the Providence World Ensemble. Whether he’s solo or as part of a trio, Dave’s music is sure to transport listeners to other cultures!


Michael Graham – Singer, songwriter and guitarist Michael Graham has built a body of songs worth noting. His debut release, So Happy and Lonely, has been in rotation at 46 Underground for more than a year. We appreciate Michael’s love of local music that has led him to curate some of our favorite acts at Downtown Pawtucket Fest’s River Bend Stage. Now Michael will be on stage in our intimate venue – the perfect place to absorb his cinematic references and folksy delivery.


Linda Marks – Linda – who when she isn’t touching hearts through her music is touching them as a heart-centered body psychotherapist – gets the special spark of house concerts, hosting her own as The Music Salon in Waltham, MA. She is looking forward to connecting with an intimate Providence audience at 46 Underground, and we are looking forward to hosting her unique blend of jazz and contemporary folk! Check out her new album Moments for a peek at her sound, then join us at 46 Underground for a live performance.




THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2018: Jacob Haller

He may be billed as “bluesy alternative folk,” and that’s an accurate label, but Jake Haller is also the guy we think of when we think of knitting, robots, pies, and kittens. And, somewhere along the way, he has likely written a song about pie-eating killer robots who knit kittens. Come enjoy an evening of witty, clever songs that range from Anne Hutchinson to dynamited whale carcasses to stolen kidneys. Jake’s mighty vocals and unassuming delivery of the zaniest situations is always a crowd-pleaser; he’s consistently one of the most unique and enjoyable performers around.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2018: Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards

Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards are clearly inheritors of a timeless legacy, creating music that is both original and evocative of a rich tradition. Blending distinctive voices and a wide range of accompaniment (guitar, harmonica, ukulele, clarinet, penny whistle, and electric bass), their songs have been well-received by audiences around the eastern United States and Canada since 2010. Transcending the genre of folk Americana, their music echoes inspiration from traditional folk duos and singer/songwriters like Ian & Sylvia, Kate Wolf and Neil Young – combining beautiful harmonies and a lyrical intensity, while establishing a unique sound of their own. Help us welcome this Massachusetts-based duo and their beautiful harmonies to Providence!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 2018: Lara Herscovitch

Lara Herscovitch is a modern American songwriter-poet-performer gem, creating masterful contemporary folk with blues, pop and jazz influences. Former Connecticut State Troubadour, she writes, sings and leads with authenticity, integrity, humor and heart, delivering performances that inspire, inform, uplift and entertain. Sound Waves Magazine described her music as “expertly written prose… songwriting at its best… good for your ears AND your soul.” All with a voice Performer Magazine called “clear and smooth like expensive liquor.” 46 Underground fell a little in love with Lara during her great set at the Providence Folk Festival a few years ago. We know you’ll love her, too!


FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 2018: Jenn Lombari and Anthony Loffredio

A fantastic double bill!

When not serving as guitarist and vocalist for punk band Lucky United, Lombari is a solid solo act with a wide-encompassing genre: “Acoustic emo punk rock n’ roll.” Basically, Lombari looks the punk but walks the big-hearted walk, fawning in her free time over her rescue dog Patrick and helping other animals through fundraisers. She’s loud but also quiet; unsettled yet content; basically, she’s humanity in one package, telling a story and hoping others relate


Loffredio is best known for fronting Barn Burning, a stellar band he established in Providence back in 2000 that has changed its lineup over the years but not its quiet intensity. Loffredio, a librarian when not rocking and rolling, named the band after his favorite Faulkner short story, and his songs too are stories, pieces of Americana that embody a weathered moodiness in its glimpses of everyday life. With his band, Loffredio has shared performances with Justin Townes Earl, Andrew Bird, Anders Parker, and Josh Ritter. Catch a rare, stripped-down performance at 46 Underground that’s all Anthony.


FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2018: Devin Bender

It’s hard not to hear Devin Bender and feel yourself smiling. In fact, he bills his sound as “good vibes music,” and that description is spot-on. Even when he’s been a feature act at venues such as The Mediator Stage, he’s tried to spread the love, as Devin knows how to share, especially his infectious love of music, and he enjoys collaborating with others, even if that means turning any tune into a sing-along. Come see how one dude with a ukulele can simultaneously lift up your spirits and bring down the house!


FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2018: Chris Monti and Morgan Johnston

Two of our favorite musicians in one intimate evening!

Chris Monti looks like a church choir singer and plays like a devil (in fact, several of his band names over the years have included the word “devil”). He has played in more bands than we have fingers but is a treat as a rare solo act. Sit back and let his worldly mix of Afro-pop, blues, folk, rock, and calypso take you on a trip through time and geography. Just don’t give him a kazoo.

Morgan Johnston first blew 46 Underground away performing her foot-stomper “Wildflower” at a Providence Roots open mic a few years ago. She continues to blow away larger and larger audiences each year with her singing, strumming, stomping, and speaking. If you’re not a fan, it’s because you haven’t seen her yet – so what are you waiting for?


FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018: ZaZu (pronounced “zazzoo”)

A brand-new trio to get 46 Underground swinging! ZaZu is an offshoot of the KC Moaners jug band, mainly focused on the same musical genre but with less emphasis on the jug band feel and more toward the jazz/blues feel of the 20’s and 30’s. ZaZu is composed of KC Moaners veterans Jim “RI Red” Chapin, Kevin (Whitey) Collins and Greg “Tinman” Andreozzi, and primarily features guitar (Jim), percussion (Greg) and harmonica/ukelele (Kevin), with occasional forays into the instruments of their jug band heritage.


FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018: Bob Fitzgerald

Bob Fitzgerald – dubbed “The Mighty Voice” by Don Tassone of The Mediator Stage – is near and dear to our hearts at 46 Underground. Bob has been valiantly fighting cancer, but he never seems to be too tired to champion his talented son Ian Fitzgerald on his own musical accomplishments, and Bob lives by the mindset that as long as we don’t know how long we’ll have on this earth, we may as well make music…And by jove, we’ll have fun doing it! Bob’s feature will be a shorter set than most 46 Underground gigs, but you won’t want to miss his spirited mix of blues, folk, and rock, his wide smile, or indeed his mighty voice.


THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 2018: Zack Slik

If the overalls and conductor’s cap didn’t give it away, Zack Slik’s old-time back-porch songs were influenced by trains. (But also rivers, and the characters he grew up with, and many generations of music.) It’s hard to picture a tattooed dude with a barbell in his nose as a treasured storyteller of traditional folk, bluegrass, and jugband jazz tunes, but don’t let looks deceive you; Slik’s the real deal. Don’t miss the 46 Underground debut of his one-man-band mix of banjo, mandolin, guitar, harmonica, and sometimes that jazz horn thingy that we suspect doubles as a duck decoy.


SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2018: John Fuzek and Pete Vendettuoli

When he’s not organizing events such as the Downtown Sundown Concert Series and the Providence Folk Festival to highlight both emerging and established artists, Fuzek, former chair of the Rhode Island Songwriter’s Association (RISA) and founder of Hear in RI, has performed in and beyond New England for more than 30 years, both solo and as part of the Fuzek-Rossoni duo.

Always on the move, Vendettuoli, former owner of PM Recording, has fronted or played in a dizzying number of bands including Forever Young, The Free Radicals, Wilbur Hill, Grass Fed Men, The Water Project, The Rank Strangers, No Shamus, Josie Crosby Band, Fat Glass, Garda Band, and Half-Baked Trio. He and 46 Underground’s hostess Annie occasionally perform as a duo for funsies.


WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 2018: Daniel James Durand

A stalwart mentor and promotor of local and regional musicians, Dan Durand divides his free time between serving as executive director of RISING (a youth, teen, and adult songwriting organization that teaches performance and songwriting) and gigging around Rhode Island every weekend with his band Phenix Ave. After seeing him share the spotlight with so many others, we’re looking forward to Durand’s solo performance at 46 Underground! Come see why he was selected as Arzuk Radio’s March 2018 Artist of the Month.


SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 2018: Ric Allendorf

We’re so happy to have Ric Allendorf play our debut 46 Underground PVD house show! Massachusetts-based Allendorf travels around New England to bring his smooth fingerpick, warm voice, and a killer sourdough bread recipe to lucky audiences. Just a few of his recent accomplishments include 2017 winner of the Open Mic Challenge at the Spire Center for Performing Arts in Plymouth, MA; finalist in the 2017 Rhode Island Songwriters Association (RISA) Performing Songwriter Competition; finalist in the 2017 Rose Garden Coffeehouse Performing Songwriter Competition; and finalist in the 2018 CT Folk Festival auditions. A perfect inaugural 46 Underground act!